Knowledge is power when it comes to purchasing a pre-owned Mazda.

If you are considering purchasing a pre-owned Mazda from outside of our authorised dealer network, let our experienced Service Department assist to put your mind at ease.

Our Factory Trained and highly experienced Service personnel are available to assist whether your potential purchase is a late model or older Mazda. We have the expertise to ensure you’re fully informed and empowered to make an educated purchase decision.

We offer the following comprehensive pre-purchase services:

  • 101 Point Condition Report coving all key elements of the Mazda you’re looking to purchase ($149)
  • Complimentary check and completion of outstanding warranty service campaigns and recalls
  • Engine compression and leak-down tests (optional – from $99)
  • Engine oil analysis (optional – from $299)
  • A quote for repairs we recommend be completed
  • Advice on our Paint Rejuvenation and Interior Detailing service to return your new Mazda to its former glory

With all this useful information to hand, you the purchaser, will be in a powerful position to negotiate with the seller and ensure the best deal can be made.

To book your Pre-Purchase Inspection prior to purchasing your next Mazda, click the BOOK NOW link or contact Grand Prix Mazda Caboolture Service Department by phone on (07) 5431 4900.

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